Hi John, 
The Madison High School's 50th Reunion held this past weekend at Wyndham Hamilton Park Conference Center in Florham Park was a huge success!  Our cocktail party in Vanderbilt's Lounge at the Wyndham onFriday evening happily reunited so many of us who hadn't seen each other in years.  And the Saturday night dinner dance was the highlight of the weekend!  I'm still receiving compliments for my efforts. 
Along with many others, I worked on this reunion for nearly two years.  When one of my classmates asked me to hire a group for the reunion, my first and only thought - the CAMEOS.   And how fortunate that the CAMEOS were available for this reunion. 
According to so many of those who attended Saturday night, this was the BEST event they had ever been to, and those compliments, I'm sure, were mainly because of the CAMEOS.  One of my classmates remarked that this event was so much fun and successful because of the CAMEOS.  And by the way, that gentlemen was a former mayor of Madison! 
Words like "good" describing the CAMEOS were not used .... but words like GREAT, AWESOME, FANTASTIC, AMAZING, PHENOMINAL, WHAT HARMONY, UNBELIEVABLE, WOW WHAT A GROUP ..... were only some of the words used describing the CAMEOS.  Many people also asked me for your website so they could check it out.  One gentleman placed this evening in the top 3 events he had ever attended! 
Many of my classmates were in bands during our high school years, and they, too, were so impressed, awed, and amazed by the talent and harmony of the CAMEOS. 
Several people, including many of the gentlemen, remarked how the CAMEOS brought tears to their eyes because of the memories brought back with many of the songs, and in particular, "I Believe", dedicated to the memory of those we've loved and lost. 
I would also like to thank Marianne for her help regarding the insurance issues with the hotel ... for her time, and I'm sure her many communications with our hotel rep, Jimmy Singh, to resolve those issues. 
All in all, the 50th reunion was a wonderful weekend, and a huge success!  On behalf of all those who attended the Saturday night dinner dance from the Madison High School classes of 1964, 1966 ... and the Great Class of 1965, my class ...  :-)))  ... 
With my sincere appreciation ... and I hope to see you all again soon! 
Mary Ann Chiarolanza




Dear Cameos, 
I took my wife to Brookdale Park last night. I'm 66, she's 61. You made us feel like teenagers again. We grew up with the music you played. I knew all the lyrics to all the songs you played. We also got up and danced-- especially to your rendition of "Just Like Romeo and Juliet," and "Heat Wave" (by the way, your saxophonist was sensational and she has a great voice too). But best of all, were your harmonies and doo-wop songs. I had never heard you guys before. I kept saying to my wife "these guys are great." You are close to my age and yet your voices were so good, you really sounded like the young guys whose songs you were singing when they made them popular. In fact, we both agreed that you guys stole the show. Yes, The Infernos are a great band, but you guys to us were the main attraction. We loved what you did and will now follow your concert schedule and try to get to other shows of yours. Thanks for loving the music we love, and thanks for playing and singing it like it was meant to be sung and played. Keep the hits coming, we'll be coming back for more. 
Jim Quigley and Susan Denenholz 
East Orange, NJ


“Rick and the rest of the band could not have been nicer or more professional. They really know how to work an audience and everyone had a really great time.” 
Well done!